This site is an attempt to capture conversations from the Cinemapping workshop that took place on 25th January 2013 at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE Bristol. It is not intended to be read as a finished document, but as a developing resource for the participants and others. It includes the discussion points, the notes we made and suggestions for further reading around the key themes of the day.

The Cinemapping Project aims to take existing web-based GIS interactive cinema mapping research into the mobile arena –  transforming Digital Humanities into something connected, mobile, and geo-temporal rather than merely desk-based analytics. The proposed collaborations would not undertake new cinemapping research per se, but would explore how best to draw on existing databases and research into historic cinemas, their past, present and future audiences, and make this meaningful and accessible to both academic and public audiences.

Cinemapping will offer an opportunity for owners of databases and (film) archives to give their users a different level of access, on- or off-line, in-situ, contextualised by relevant places. It will also give communities of users the ability to augment official, curated ‘Big Data’ with stories of their own experiences to do with those places.

The project was initially set up by Charlotte Crofts, a creative producer and senior lecturer in Film Studies and Video Production in the faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education, UWE. First explorations can be found detailed here on Curzon Memories and Cinemapping


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