Theme 4: Location-based engagement



– add history to place

> contextualisation – richer experience

> serendipity [google, searchable]

(space as sphere for chance encounters, discovery)


location-based marketing

> their methods can be useful


Cinema as site of consumption (pop-up cinemas in High Sts)

Geographical position

Different users and uses and applications of apps eg bespoke, education


Location-based engagement – mobile technologies, social/local/mobile – SoLoMo

Location-based engagement (LBE) is the new marketing buzz-word and is summed up in the SoLoMo Manifesto by Rob Reed who argues that “the anatomy of place” consists of a continuum from the permanent (the earth on which it stands) to the emphemeral (its virtual online presence) and that: “locations must be optimized for engagement in the same way websites are optimized for search”.


Close The Door research project that ‘gamifies’ eco theme – sharing locations where shop doors aren’t kept shut to conserve energy, and person who shares gets points – explores motivation for people to engage with crowdsourcing content and information has a little more blurb but not much about the project –  Paper accepted for CHI so published in April 2013


“an opportunity for singles to instantly share their social media information for potential hook-up at a later date. A secret location will be announced at noon on February 13th and by 3pm participants will converge on that spot wearing, carrying or displaying their unique 2D code”

——— – using twitter comments to promote films = example of solomo? and/or crowd sourcing?


article in mobile culture 2, july 2012, refers to museum of london app called street museum  where you hold a gps cameraphone up in situ and overlay old image onto current street scene. Blurb says user can create their own trail – presumably connecting the content and locations with their own route – don’t think that the user can upload content
“Soundtrack to London has been exclusively developed for Nokia’s Ovi Store and reveals some of the people, places and events that have made London one of the world’s greatest cities for music.” – works on nokia phone, free download, connects also to a spottify playlist

marketing – engagement using mobile phones

twihards uploading pics to giant mosaic


3 thoughts on “Theme 4: Location-based engagement

  1. Great to have this platform & to carry on the conversation! Can I suggest we add Doreen Massey’s ‘For Space’ (London: Sage, 2005) to the bibliography – to balance the tech-heavy focus it has at the moment. I think Massey’s ideas about ‘throwntogetherness’ are really productive.

  2. Ian Christie suggested: WSA Mobile Content 2.0 Awards, 2013 – Winning mobile apps from entertainment to things that do you good, from development to education

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